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Tarah M. Williams,
Chaos Coordinator

Stalk Your Destiny focuses on Identity, Direction, and Accountability. "No matter what field you work in or study, you must know who you are and what role you play." When directing clients, Tarah tells them, "In order to Stalk Your Destiny, you must know who and where you are in order to know who and what you will become." 


Tarah has been featured on:

 VoyageSTL Magazine

Something Extra Podcast with Lisa Nichols

Own Your Now Show

Living St. Louis with NinePBS

The Moving In Grace Show

Tarah hosts an annual Tea Time with Tarah Brunch. The purpose of the Brunch is to raise funds for the Stalk Your Destiny Planner Program to be offered in schools to more students. The goal is to encourage Leadership and Accountability as well as Time Management.

Tarah's mission is to get people to realize what their true purpose in life is and to give them tools to go step by step into their destiny so that they may live life of abundance and fulfillment. Her vison is by asking strategic and intense, thought-provoking questions she hopes to create a road map to success for her clients and enable them to get on track to the destination they have in mind.

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